Gender Sensitization (Orientation Program) – 2 Hours

Interactive session to educate new inductees about their rights & duties as they transition from college to work life.

  1. Understanding values of the employer & the resulting policies
  2. Understanding the terms ‘no discrimination’ and ‘equal opportunity’ at work
  3. Being friendly vs. being friends
  4. Developing healthy professional relationships
  5. Understanding legal terms such as Sexual Harassment, Employee, Workplace etc. and what may lead to sexual harassment
  6. Sensitizing on Individual differences
  7. Introducing ICC and procedure for filing and redressal of a complaint
  8. Discussing barriers in reporting cases of sexual harassment
  9. Emphasizing on the purpose of Act and corresponding policy
  10. Explaining Consequences of Malicious Complaints
  11. Rights and duties
  12. Other related laws including Criminal laws
  13. Preventive measures
  14. Q&A

Also includes:

  1. Work sheets
  2. Survey questionnaire to understand past experiences, general understanding of the subject etc.
  3. Case Scenarios
  4. Learnings from real life examples

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Other details and fee will be provided once you have booked the session.


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